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Public Policy Research: Impact of Race and K-12 Education

By The School of Public Affairs Research has shown that when minority students have teachers of the same race, they tend to perform better on several metrics, such as test scores and graduation rates. Nathan Favero, Assistant Professor in American University’s Department of Public Administration and Policy is exploring potential causes of this correlation and […]

Top Three Questions About the Master of Terrorism and Homeland Security Policy

With the Answers Prospective Graduate Students Want to Know By The School of Public Affairs Offered through American University’s School of Public Affairs, the Master of Terrorism and Homeland Security Policy prepares students for a career or advancement in the federal government, intelligence, or law enforcement. The top three questions we hear from prospective graduate […]

Are Americans as Anti-Immigrant as They Seem?

By SPA Staff Given recent headlines and racial conflicts, it’s easy to conclude that attitudes about immigration in the U.S. are rooted in racism and prejudice. The Muslim travel ban, Charlottesville protests, and the rescission of DACA all appear to confirm a racist anti-immigrant bias. While there may be public sentiment for reducing immigration, research […]

Avoiding the Gaps: Creating Healthcare Policy That Works

By The School of Public Affairs The driving force behind most healthcare policy advocates is to maximize access and minimize cost. When evaluating and recommending policy, however, it’s essential to consider all of the implications and potential consequences. Even the most well-intentioned public policy can negatively affect some of those it is designed to help. […]

Countering Terrorism: Implications of the Laptop Ban

By SPA Staff In a post-9/11 world, travelers typically comply with changing security measures without question or hesitation. The reasoning behind these security choices lies deep within policy practices implemented by Homeland Security. The recently ended U.S. laptop ban is an example of how the public experiences policy in action without necessarily having all of […]

How to Build a Compelling Application File for Graduate School

By SPA Staff Building a compelling graduate school application begins long before you actually apply. As you consider graduate school, it is critical that you understand the importance of managing the application process. Learn as much as you can about components required, school-specific preferences, priority deadlines, and decision-making, including who will review your file and […]

“This is Not Normal”: The Impact of Presidential Social Media Use

By SPA Staff On July 1, 2017, President Trump tweeted “My use of social media is not Presidential – it’s MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL.” While this is undeniable, Chris Edelson, JD, Assistant Professor in American University’s Department of Government says it also raises a host of questions about the dignity of the office and the impact […]