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New Game from AU Alumni Highlights Filipino Culture

“In order to understand the destiny of a people, it is necessary to open the book of its past,” said Jose Rizal, a Philippine revolutionary. Two American University graduates are hoping to do just that through “The Girl Who Sees,” a Filipino fantasy adventure game. Against a backdrop of military occupation and Filipino lore, “The […]

What Bob Hone is Playing This Summer

When it’s summertime in Washington, DC, great activities include visiting parks and outdoor monuments, experiencing a Washington Nationals baseball game, and attending the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. But when you want to beat the heat, summer is also a great time to catch up on some video games. This summer American University Assistant Professor and Game […]

The Game That Professor Mike Treanor is Playing

Gaming on the go has never been easier. With several handheld consoles to choose from, you can play while you’re traveling, including on your cellphone. There are several different games to choose from on your phone’s app store, from casual “Candy Crush” to cult classics like “Ghost Trick,” there’s a game for everyone. This summer, […]

What Lindsay Grace is Playing This Summer

Some professors of video game design can dissect the mechanics of engagement, others can argue the strengths of specific design techniques, and others can tell you how to code these elements to make a game successful, but they all share one trait: they love to play video games. This summer, American University Professor Lindsay Grace’s […]

What Chris Totten is Playing this Summer

Regardless of age, getting a new toy is one of the greatest joys in life. When  you’re a video game designer and professor, play and work sometimes intersect. On a very related note, American University Game Lab artist in residence Chris Totten recently purchased a Nintendo Switch and has started off his summer playing a […]

6 Reasons Why a Game Design Certificate Matters

There are many aspiring game designers seeking a specialized master’s degree as part of their career journey, but what about professionals who only recently have considered changing course? For these people, earning a game design certificate is a perfect first step. Here are six reasons why: Games Matter. Never in history have games been more […]

Student’s Video Game Puts Parkinson’s Patients in Driver’s Seat

When you design a video game for recreational purposes, understanding your audience is important. When creating a game to use in physical therapy, audience is beyond important. Lives and well-being are at stake. Alex Cha, who just completed American University’s Master of Arts in Game Design program, created “Cardio Copter” as part of a semester-long project […]

Interactivity in Healthcare Turns Games into Treatment

The impact of gaming on health and education is far beyond theoretical for American University Professor Robert Hone. As the former creative director for Red Hill Studios, a boutique interactive design company, Hone used numerous grants from the National Institutes of Health and National Science Foundation to develop innovative software that not only entertains, but […]

Social Justice Series: Theresa Runstedtler on Race and Drugs in the NBA

When picturing professional athletes it can be easy to picture affluent, privileged individuals—most often men—with the means to live extraordinarily extravagant lives. This picture can involve a wide variety of ethnicities, and while many immediately imagine a male bodied individual, others may envision a woman as the archetype for competitive athletics. However, if I were […]

The Anatomy of a Game Design Student

What makes up a game design student here at American University? Well, for starters, students pursuing an MA in Game Design here at the university come from all sorts of academic backgrounds: psychology, journalism, politics—you name it. They are compassionate, creative and passionate about the work that they pursue. Learn more about the MA in Game Design program […]

Journalism, Games and Play Collide at SXSW

Some casual onlookers of South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference & Festivals may think of this yearly showcase for the interactive, film and music industries as a haven for bands with odd names and people wearing intriguing shoes, but it’s much more than that. SXSW is a high-profile spotlight for some of the most creative people […]

The Community Voice Project: A Conversation with Nina Shapiro-Perl

Since 2008, AU Filmmaker-in-Residence Nina Shapiro-Perl has directed the Community Voice Project – a community storytelling initiative that connects AU anthropology students with film students, giving them the opportunity to collaborate on authentic work on behalf of DC communities. We talked with Dr. Shapiro-Perl about how the project came to be, and we reached out […]

10 Jobs You Can Do with an MPA

By SPA Staff 1. Policy Analyst Determine what effects policy decisions will have on the population they govern. 2. Research Associate Use your research skills at a university or research institute. 3. CEO, COO, or CFO Apply your management and development skills for high-level management positions. AU MPA grad Gwen Sykes is currently the CFO of the […]

Social Justice Series: Sentient AI, Intimacy, and Ethics

Have you ever wondered what ethical dilemmas would become apparent with the introduction of sentient artificial intelligence? Or perhaps more specifically, what problems might lie in having intimate relationships with sentient robots? These are the questions asked by Rebecca Gibson at the Social Justice Colloquium of February 6th where she delved into a number of […]

10 Jobs You Can Do with an MPP

Written by SPA Staff 1. Policy Analyst Analyze proposals in various fields including education policy, health policy, social welfare policy, environmental policy, or international development policy. 2. Human Resources Director As the head of an HR team, help create a fair and safe workplace. 3. Politician Lead the charge for change in your community and […]

Games+ Summit 2017

More than 120 professionals, educators and students gathered for the inaugural Games+ Summit hosted by American University Tuesday, January 17, 2017. The attendees represented a variety of industries, including federal agencies, non-profits, healthcare, technology and more. Individual sessions at Games+ Summit explored issues at the forefront of game theory and practice and how games intersect […]

What the “Big Four” Want in an Accounting Graduate: Spotlight on Jacob Spector

Get the inside track from a Recent Graduate of the Masters of Accounting program at American University. Jacob Spector, a recent graduate of American University’s Master of Science in Accounting never dreamed he would become a staff auditor for Ernst & Young, one of the well-known “Big Four” accounting firms. But while earning his first […]

6 of the Best Indie Games in 2016

Indie video games are the heartbeat of the industry. Because of this, the anticipation level for a well-publicized indie game sometimes outpaces the quality of that game by miles and miles. Still, don’t allow the real or perceived failures of some indie games sour you to the category en masse. Let’s take a look at […]

New MS in Finance Course Prepares Students for Risk Management Certification

As the field of finance expands into sub-specialties such as asset management, risk management, structured finance, wealth management and advisory, students must rise to the challenge of marketing themselves to employers who are seeking specific skills. For employers, the change means more specific differentiation between finance capabilities. To minimize market confusion and develop global standards […]

Why Study in DC? A Prime Location for Accounting and More

American University’s prime location in the nation’s capital means access to opportunities not found in other cities. For students in the Master’s in Accounting (MSA) program, this means gaining access to professional and alumni networks across the corporate, not-for-profit and government sectors. Our students, full-time and part-time alike, take full advantage of all the D.C. […]

The 10 Best Works of Literature Set in DC

Our location in Washington, DC is central to our identity as an MFA program. Our students explore some of the world’s best literary organizations and activities – and find quiet spaces to write and get inspired throughout the District. Our students also take their place among a long lineage of other writers with DC connections, […]

Games by the Numbers

The Game Lab at American University leverages proximity to public and private sector leaders to bring games to traditionally non-game contexts for new levels of engagement. Interested in joining our community? Learn more about the MA in Game Design program at American University.

The Question of Hope in Palestinian Resistance

The Social Justice Series continued this week with guest speaker Irene Calis. Calis recently relocated to the DC area from Rhodes University in South Africa. She is an anthropologist concerned with issues of social justice and has focused much of her work on the ongoing resistance struggle in Palestine. Calis’s talk “Hope against the evidence? […]

New MS in Finance Course Prepares Students for Risk Management Certification

As the field of finance expands into sub-specialties such as asset management, risk management, structured finance, wealth management and advisory, students must rise to the challenge of marketing themselves to employers who are seeking specific skills. For employers, the change means more specific differentiation between finance capabilities. To minimize market confusion and develop global standards […]

Jeanne Hanna on “Brexit” & Anthropology of “Right-Wing” Groups

As a self-described “political nerd at heart,” AU anthropology PhD candidate Jeanne Hanna is having quite a year. Her current research focuses on the UK Independence Party (UKIP), exploring the social, economic, emotional, and political issues motivating people to support this political party. Jeanne was in the country for the June 2016 Brexit referendum, which […]

The Art of Social Justice

The weekly Social Justice Colloquium continues to offer the opportunity for insightful dialogue on Monday afternoons in the Battelle Thompkins humanities lab. This week attendees were able to experience firsthand the potential for artistic expression to grapple with issues of social justice. The three presenters this week, Caleen Jennings, Sybil Roberts, and Cara Gabriel, each […]

Kogod Leads the Way in Islamic Finance Education

The Islamic Finance market is estimated to range in size from $1.66 trillion to $2.1 trillion with anticipated growth to $3.4 trillion by the end of 2018. Islamic financial assets represent one percent of the entire global financial market, with major capitals leading the way, including London, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, […]

PAC: National Nurses United Panel

This weekend was an exciting time for the Anthropology department at AU. We hosted our 13th annual Public Anthropology Conference. Speakers represented a multitude of schools and organizations. One particularly exciting session highlighted a new partnership between the American University Department of Anthropology and National Nurses United. National Nurses United is the largest union of […]

PAC: Bridging the Gap between Academia and Activism

This year’s Public Anthropology Conference (PAC) had no shortage of amazing speakers discussing a broad range of interesting and important topics. From drone usage to minority solidarity, the various workshops and panel discussions allowed conference participants to get a glimpse of the many different arenas of public thought and activism in which the discipline of […]

Five Financial Heroes and Villains: How a Master of Science in Accounting at American University Can Turn You into a Fiscal Superstar

Over the last 25 years, corporate accounting scandals have earned front-page headlines. These acts of malfeasance—from Ponzi schemes to income inflation—triggered sweeping corporate finance reforms; the Occupy Wall Street movement; and the controversial U.S. bank bailout following the financial crash of 2008. But for every financial villain there are accounting heroes – single whistleblowers or […]

Public Anthropology Conference: 2016

Announcing the 2016 Public Anthropology Conference American University’s Department of Anthropology registration is currently open for the 13th annual Public Anthropology Conference.  This year’s conference will take place on October 8-9, and welcomes participation from anthropologists and activists from a broad range of disciplines to engage in emerging dialogues on current issues. This year’s topic is Creating Dialogues […]

Science and Art Flourish in Advanced Audio Technology Capstone Course

The Audio Technology Capstone is an advanced course in our undergraduate program that enables students to embrace their unique skills and particular areas of interest — to explore both the art and science of their future fields of study. It’s an opportunity to engage in discipline-specific projects in subjects such as: Electro-acoustic instrument design and […]

Publish Your Work: Insights from Arielle Bernstein

Arielle Bernstein graduated from the AU MFA in Creative Writing in 2009 with a mixed-genre thesis, and she has now joined us as a professorial lecturer. Arielle’s career – with wide publication in both fiction and nonfiction – offers an example of where AU’s cross-genre focus can lead. Her cultural criticism, personal narrative and reviews […]

7 Successful Producers, Musicians & Bands from Washington DC

In the world of music and sound production, artists and audio engineers usually have L.A., New York and Nashville at top of mind. These entertainment hotbeds are legendary breeding grounds for artistic expression through sound—but they’re not the only launching pads for successful careers in the industry.   Culturally diverse cities such as Washington, D.C. […]

Public Health vs. Health Promotion Management

Advancements in science, technology and healthcare have made at least one thing crystal clear, it will take everyone’s best efforts to improve health in communities all over the world. This far-flung realization has led to a wealth of career opportunities for people who are passionate about health. There are many exciting professional paths that center […]

How Do Poets Make a Living?

As Robert Graves put it, “There is no money in poetry, but there is no poetry in money, either.” Poets don’t pursue poetry for the cash, but the truth is that we all have to make rent and buy groceries. While it’s rare for a writer in any genre to make a living solely off […]

9 Washington DC Anthropology Organizations You Should Know About

Studying in our nation’s capital puts AU public anthropology students within reach of a number of dynamic, active organizations. There are opportunities to connect with National Parks, to delve into the history of local schools, and to explore pre-Columbian civilizations. There are grants and fellowships to fund promising field research. There are countless smart, experienced […]

Healthy Schools Act in DC Gives Grad Students Hands-On Training

In some communities, 100 percent of a grad student’s research is done online. But in a metro area—especially Washington, DC—much of that research can be gathered, observed, and analyzed in the field, where firsthand experience with the “real world” can teach us valuable lessons. For five years, students in American University’s MS in health promotion […]

Q&A with Game Design Student Rae Heitkamp

Rae Heitkamp is one of American University’s innovative Game Design students. In our interview, she shares what drew her to the program and imparts her wisdom to future applicants. Her student perspective provides a crucial window into the burgeoning field of Game Design.   Your background is in biomedical research. What prompted the switch to […]

Master’s Students Unify Around Art, Science, and Passion to Promote Health

No university program should use long history and rich tradition as an excuse to settle for the status quo. American University has the oldest master’s in health promotion management program in the U.S. — but also some of the most advantageous, hands-on education activities anywhere. Some students have been able to dive into data collection […]

Audio Technology: Bringing Sound Production Careers to Life

At American University, people who’ve been fascinated with music and sound for years are finding opportunities to transform their passion into meaningful careers. AU’s master’s in audio technology program helps budding sound engineers, rock stars and up-and-coming producers to achieve their dreams. Students learn in the classroom and in the studio. They do internships across […]

AU Partners with National Nurses United for New Online Certificate Program

We are thrilled to announce a brand new anthropology certificate program in partnership with National Nurses United (NNU). Starting in fall 2016, students in the MA in Public Anthropology (MAPA) program will have the chance to pursue an online certificate in Health Inequality and Care. I’m especially excited about this because of my background working with […]

An Interview with Valzhyna Mort, Poet & AU Graduate

When poet Valzhyna Mort arrived at AU as a student, she already had several accomplishments behind her. She had published a collection of poetry, Factory of Tears, in the United States and in Belarus, and been the youngest person ever featured on the cover of Poets & Writers magazine. Valzhyna has since published another collection, Collected Body (Copper […]

A Look Inside the District’s Only Creative Writing MFA

The multi-genre focus. The vibrant location. The engaged community of writers with diverse backgrounds and rigorous insights. For more than 30 years, the District’s only creative writing MFA program has fostered the talents and ambitions of writers who have gone on to make their mark in poetry, fiction, and nonfiction—and to make their mark on their communities. In […]

The Beatles, British Recording Techniques, and the Evolution of Audio Production

Innovative audio production courses with names such as 1960s British Recording Techniques sound like a lot of fun (they really are, too), but they’re much more. Mike Harvey, American University Audio Technology Instructor, uses an era of significant change in music and culture to help illustrate what’s possible with a career in audio and music technology. […]

AhealthyU: How Health and Wellness Programs Make a Positive Impact on Campus

AhealthyU, American University’s faculty and staff wellness program, is celebrating its 10th year. While its scope and goals have grown, the program’s inception was driven by both necessity and a deep desire to see its team flourish. “We discovered that many of our faculty and staff were being treated for health conditions that could lead to heart disease […]

Q&A with Game Design Student Kelli Dunlap

As a Game Design student and a JoLT fellow, Kelli Dunlap embodies the program’s commitment to socially conscious gaming. We spoke with her about what brought her to AU, her expertise in video game psychology and how joining the Game Lab has prepared her for the future. Why get a Game Design degree and why […]

The FSIT Lab Brings Wall Street Directly to You

One peek into the Financial Services and Information Technology (FSIT) Lab at the Kogod School of Business is all you need to get a sense that this is a nexus of learning and real-world experience. Students and faculty are busy modeling and analyzing data, conducting financial market research or participating in any number of other […]

MSA Courses Rooted in Real-World Business Issues

Accounting is projected to grow 22 percent over the next decade. With rigorous core classes that underscore real-world experience, the Master of Science in Accounting program will prepare you to work in international consulting firms, major corporations, law enforcement agencies and more. Faculty with vast industry experience will guide you in developing and honing the […]

6 Game Conferences You Should Know About

If you are serious about games, you need to check out the best game conferences. To make the most of your opportunity, it’s crucial that you find the one which is right for you. Luckily, American University’s Game Lab team has checked them all out and can give you the info you need. 1. GDC […]

Experience the Art of Investing with the Student Managed Investment Fund

Imagine pitching an investment idea to real partners and a real board before you hit the job market. The Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF), offered to graduate and undergraduate students at the Kogod School of Business, is a truly unique opportunity to gain real-world experience in securities analysis and portfolio management. Each semester, approximately 24 […]

Three Soft Skills Every Accountant Needs: Master them at American University

Managing client expectations. Successfully pitching a new idea. Meeting with team members. These are just some of the everyday accounting practices that go beyond technical know-how. “Soft skills” may not always come naturally, but they are of equal importance in the business world – arguably more. Presenting a financial analysis or managing a client requires […]

7 Audio Industry Influencers You Should Know

When students from American University’s chapter of the Audio Engineering Society met up to discuss their audio production heroes, a common theme emerged. It wasn’t as much about a certain technology or a ground-breaking technique. The students expressed appreciation for certain engineers who’ve managed to infuse their unique personalities and talents into every work they’ve […]

Global Healthy Workplace Summit Brings Program Innovation to Washington, DC

By Wolf Kirsten Regardless of country, historical background, local government, or cultural trends, workplace health promotion is vital. It’s easier than ever to fall into sedentary behaviors and poor eating habits, which is why we need more professionals throughout the world who have the talents, passion, and work ethic to help people, organizations and communities […]

Jumpstarting Change: Game Lab Students Showcase Findings on Community Engagement at GDC 2016

The JoLT initiative started in 2015 with the question, “Do the worlds of game design and journalism have anything to learn from each other?” The answer is yes, and three students from the American University Game Design program got to present the initiative’s findings this year at the Game Developers’ Conference. The conference, known as […]

New Course on Alternative Asset Management Helps Prepare Students for CAIA License

By MSF Faculty & Staff Hedge funds, private equity, renewable energy, real estate. These are just some of the alternative investment areas that are generating buzz and opportunity. In our era of market turmoil where investors are looking beyond traditional stock and bonds, training in alternative investment vehicles is essential for finance professionals. Beginning this […]

American University Paves the Way: How Public Affairs Graduates Know Success

One of the true measures of a great academic institution is how its graduates change the world. The School of Public Affairs has an 80-year history of graduating professionals into serving society at the highest levels – from The White House and the Secret Service, to members of U.S. Congress, federal agencies, and national nonprofit […]

AU Researcher Suggests Avoiding Certain Food Additives Can Alleviate Neurological Symptoms

Often it’s the hot-button, trendy, social-media-friendly health topics that get the general populace buzzing about health and well-being. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, there’s a wealth of research, strategy, and passion converging in efforts to truly improve the state of health—and not just spur a new crop of popular diet books. In the work of Dr. […]

Why Exploring Multiple Genres Matters and Other Insights from Rachel Louise Snyder

A distinguishing feature of AU’s MFA in creative writing program is the opportunity to explore multiple genres, discovering how poetry, fiction, and nonfiction can feed one another and lead to expansive career opportunities. AU Associate Professor Rachel Louise Snyder has a body of work that embodies our cross-genre values, with achievements in both fiction and […]