James Reber
How I Went from American University to the BBC
By James Reber I’ve been interested in audio since I began playing the guitar as a child. I wanted to know how my favorite artists achieved their signature sounds — and how I could re-create them. That…
7 Audio Industry Influencers You Should Know
When students from American University’s chapter of the Audio Engineering Society met up to discuss their audio production heroes, a common theme emerged. It wasn’t as much about a certain technology…
The Pros and Cons of Saturation and Distortion
By Peter Bonaventure In the world of audio technology, we often use tools such as compressors and limiters to smooth out the peaks of a signal, which raises the overall volume of that signal. However,…
D16_104_NPR_Bldg_CNN_Bldg nfs
NPR Headquarter Building,
How I Went From American University to NPR
BY: GASTON REBOREDO, AUDIO TECHNOLOGY PROGRAM ALUMNUS The science behind electronics and acoustics is, without question, essential for a career in audio technology. However, for me, it’s the vast potential…
Audio Tech Streaming
How Streaming is Changing the Music Industry
Whether you love it or hate it, the pervasive presence of music streaming is completely changing the music industry. Besides giving audio technology professionals something juicy to discuss at the water…
D16_270_Audio_Technology_Recording_Session nfs
Musicians recording at AU studio sign a release form that covers photos and video.
Top 4 Reasons to Choose Audio Technology
Audio technology students put their passion for music and sound to work. They're in our cutting-edge campus studio recording and engineering new tracks. They're out in the District community interning…
D16_270_Audio_Technology_Recording_Session nfs
Musicians recording at AU studio sign a release form that covers photos and video.
3 Trending Topics in Audio Technology
Those who embrace and seek a master’s degree in audio technology at American University join an elite group of sound professionals who don’t just thrive in their industry. They enjoy it. Anyone…
What's the Audio Engineering Society Convention Like?
Written by Michael Harvey, Instructor in the Department of Performing Arts The 139th Audio Engineering Society (AES) Convention was hosted last week in New York City. I had the opportunity to attend…
Why Music and Device Diversity Matter
“When I was your age …” is something people have been hearing from their parents since the beginning of time. It’s an especially popular phrase in conversations about music. Just about everyone…
A Day in the Life of an Audio Technology Grad Student
When choosing a grad program, people like options. Diversity is expected and flexibility is coveted. That’s because a degree isn’t just a piece of paper or box checked on a job application. When…
Audio Mix
The Art and Science of Audio Technology
The master’s program in audio technology at American University is about art, science, and everyday life. Even the slightest nuances can be the difference between crying and laughing during a movie or…
Behind the Scenes at DEMO Spring 2011
During the VMAs, The Technology Behind the Magic
Written by Paul Oehlers, Audio technology professor Behind Every Celebrity Lies Technicians and Technology Beyond Miley and Taylor, the Video Music Awards will provide a new batch of case studies to…