Julianne Iverson
Written Word Comes to Life Through Animated Short Film
Kyle Dargan, director of American University’s MFA Creative Writing Program, has received many accolades for his poetry collection Honest Engine (University of Georgia Press, 2015). It was a finalist…
DC Capitol
The 10 Best Works of Literature Set in DC
Our location in Washington, DC is central to our identity as an MFA program. Our students explore some of the world’s best literary organizations and activities – and find quiet spaces to write and…
HPM Speaker
How to Land Your Dream Job in Health and Fitness
At its core, health promotion is about helping individuals and groups implement lifestyle habits that improve health and well-being. One of the best ways to affect change in the field is for talented,…
PAC: National Nurses United Panel
This weekend was an exciting time for the Anthropology department at AU. We hosted our 13th annual Public Anthropology Conference. Speakers represented a multitude of schools and organizations. One particularly…
James Reber
How I Went from American University to the BBC
By James Reber I’ve been interested in audio since I began playing the guitar as a child. I wanted to know how my favorite artists achieved their signature sounds — and how I could re-create them. That…
DC Capitol
4 Health Promotion Management Alumni You Should Know
Factors such as curriculum, faculty and location are key variables that help differentiate between a good master’s degree program and a great one. However, one of the more underrated aspects of graduate…
5 Anthropology Conferences to Attend This School Year
5 Anthropology Conferences to Attend This School Year
  When anthropologists come together, the most important conversations of our day evolve, deepen, and expand. We’re proud of the rich exchange of ideas that happens in our own anthropology department,…
Publish Your Work: Insights from Arielle Bernstein
Publish Your Work: Insights from Arielle Bernstein
Arielle Bernstein graduated from the AU MFA in Creative Writing in 2009 with a mixed-genre thesis, and she has now joined us as a professorial lecturer. Arielle’s career – with wide publication…
Public Health vs. Health Promotion Management
Advancements in science, technology and healthcare have made at least one thing crystal clear, it will take everyone’s best efforts to improve health in communities all over the world. This far-flung…
Poetry books
How Do Poets Make a Living?
As Robert Graves put it, “There is no money in poetry, but there is no poetry in money, either.” Poets don’t pursue poetry for the cash, but the truth is that we all have to make rent and buy…
5 Accomplished Writers You’ll Connect with at AU
We are proud of our accomplished creative writing faculty, whose achievements include acclaimed publications, national awards and reputations for excellence. There has been a lot of great work published…
Q&A with Game Design Student Rae Heitkamp
Rae Heitkamp is one of American University’s innovative Game Design students. In our interview, she shares what drew her to the program and imparts her wisdom to future applicants. Her student perspective…
Coffee Cup
An Interview with Valzhyna Mort, Poet & AU Graduate
When poet Valzhyna Mort arrived at AU as a student, she already had several accomplishments behind her. She had published a collection of poetry, Factory of Tears, in the United States and in Belarus,…
Homo naledi fossils
Watch: Becca Peixotto on the Homo Naledi Excavation
In 2013, two cavers came across human remains in the Rising Star Cave system near Johannesburg, South Africa, and American paleoanthropologist Lee Berger was eager to get a look at them. The only problem?…
Game Lab student Kelli Dunlap at Indie Arcade
Q&A with Game Design Student Kelli Dunlap
As a Game Design student and a JoLT fellow, Kelli Dunlap embodies the program's commitment to socially conscious gaming. We spoke with her about what brought her to AU, her expertise in video game psychology…
Game Lab at Indie Arcade
6 Game Conferences You Should Know About
If you are serious about games, you need to check out the best game conferences. To make the most of your opportunity, it’s crucial that you find the one which is right for you. Luckily, American University’s…
7 Audio Industry Influencers You Should Know
When students from American University’s chapter of the Audio Engineering Society met up to discuss their audio production heroes, a common theme emerged. It wasn’t as much about a certain technology…
3 Tips from Health Promotion Management Alumni
By Stephanie George, MS, CHES Without question, one of the best parts of my career in health promotion management is the opportunity to meet and encourage my future colleagues in this field—a field…
The Pros and Cons of Saturation and Distortion
By Peter Bonaventure In the world of audio technology, we often use tools such as compressors and limiters to smooth out the peaks of a signal, which raises the overall volume of that signal. However,…
DC Capitol
5 Reasons to Study Health in DC
No city features a more diverse convergence of richly beneficial internship and service opportunities than Washington, DC. Our graduate students discover many perks while living and studying in the District.…
D16_367_CAS_Lavender_Language_Conf nfs
Recapping the Lavender Languages Conference
The 23rd Annual Lavender Languages Conference was held at American University on February 12-14, 2016. Directed by Professor William L. Leap, “Lav 23” offered a venue for discussion of language and…
D16_104_NPR_Bldg_CNN_Bldg nfs
NPR Headquarter Building,
How I Went From American University to NPR
BY: GASTON REBOREDO, AUDIO TECHNOLOGY PROGRAM ALUMNUS The science behind electronics and acoustics is, without question, essential for a career in audio technology. However, for me, it’s the vast potential…
4 Anthropologists that Inspire Our Students
AU public anthropology students have diverse interests shaped by their experiences, their teachers, and their immersion in the work of established anthropologists. We reached out to four students to learn…
Five-Year Report on the Healthy School Act
For the past five years, American University has worked with the Kaiser Foundation of the Mid-Atlantic States to assess the success of the 2010 Healthy Schools Act (HSA) in Washington, DC. The District…
New Tracks in the Creative Writing Program
New Tracks in the Creative Writing MFA
The Creative Writing Program is pleased to introduce a slight change: the addition of tracks of study in the MFA that will help our students clarify their goals and prepare for their post-MFA lives.   What…
Get Your MFA in Creative Writing at American University
5 Reasons to Get Your MFA in Creative Writing
Looking to connect with a community of writers? American University offers the only MFA in creative writing in the District. You'll find lawyers, journalists, poets and authors collaborating in workshops…
Top 5 Reasons to Choose Public Anthropology
Top 5 Reasons to Choose Public Anthropology
Public anthropology students are passionate about history and culture. They put their hands to work unearthing new species and studying culture on a global scale. They conduct research that makes a real…
Health Promotion Master's at American University
Earn Your Degree in Health Promotion Management
Health promotion students are passionate about health and fitness. They're on campus brainstorming marketing plans and strategies for health promotion. They're out in the District community impacting corporate…
Audio Tech Streaming
How Streaming is Changing the Music Industry
Whether you love it or hate it, the pervasive presence of music streaming is completely changing the music industry. Besides giving audio technology professionals something juicy to discuss at the water…
2016 Health Trends from American University
2016 Health Trends from American University
This time of year, many people invest a great deal of time, thought, money, and effort into ways to improve their health and well-being. This pervasive openness to new health ideas draws people to a wide…
D16_270_Audio_Technology_Recording_Session nfs
Musicians recording at AU studio sign a release form that covers photos and video.
Top 4 Reasons to Choose Audio Technology
Audio technology students put their passion for music and sound to work. They're in our cutting-edge campus studio recording and engineering new tracks. They're out in the District community interning…
4 Tips for Writing a Successful Personal Statement
A promising creative manuscript is the key to a successful MFA program application. But, as the admissions committee reads applications, they know they are selecting more than good writers: they are also…
Join Us: A Literary Evening with a Cause
We hope you’ll join us on January 27 for our Annual Faculty Benefit Reading, the only MFA faculty group reading of the year. We’re supporting an excellent cause: the important wok of 826DC—and…
Revolutionary Medicine: Anthropology in Action
Student Beth Geglia arrived at AU with professional accomplishments in human rights campaigning, crisis intervention, and language interpretation—and with a dedication to activism, particularly in Central…
5 Nutrition and Health Tips for the Holidays
Even the most ardent nutrition advocate is susceptible to treat-induced slip-ups and skipped workout sessions during the holiday season. From sugary beverages and baked goods, to high-fat savory dishes,…
5 Podcasts All Writers Should Know About
Podcasts carry value for writers that goes well beyond entertainment. They highlight poetry readings. Author interviews. Vivid narratives. Not just a writer’s goldmine, podcasts are also a platform…
D16_270_Audio_Technology_Recording_Session nfs
Musicians recording at AU studio sign a release form that covers photos and video.
3 Trending Topics in Audio Technology
Those who embrace and seek a master’s degree in audio technology at American University join an elite group of sound professionals who don’t just thrive in their industry. They enjoy it. Anyone…
6 Places to Write & Get Inspired in Washington, DC
Written by Creative Writing Program Staff Most of a writer’s work is solitary, but that doesn’t mean it can’t occur in the city’s most vibrant locations. Whether you’re seeking a quiet location…
Deaf Communities in Sub-Saharan Africa Lead the Way
BY: KATLIN CHADWICK, WRITER AT AMERICAN UNIVERSITY In 1996, Uganda was the first country in the world to have an elective deaf Member of Parliament. In 2008, South Africa wrote South African Sign Language…
Finding Community in Your Grad Program
  People find their passion and purpose at different stages of life. For students like Jen Fields, those points intersect amid the art and science of the Health Promotion Management Program at…
What's the Audio Engineering Society Convention Like?
Written by Michael Harvey, Instructor in the Department of Performing Arts The 139th Audio Engineering Society (AES) Convention was hosted last week in New York City. I had the opportunity to attend…
Why Music and Device Diversity Matter
“When I was your age …” is something people have been hearing from their parents since the beginning of time. It’s an especially popular phrase in conversations about music. Just about everyone…
Featured Alumnus: Documentary Filmmaker Keenan Holmes
We are proud to highlight the achievements of recent public anthropology master’s student Keenan Holmes, who screened his first full-length documentary, Indigenous Eyes on DC, at Native American Lifelines…
6 Literary Organizations & Activities for DC Writers
Washington, DC, and the surrounding areas are home to wide networks of writers, with varying skill levels and interests, and to several organizations eager to connect. Find microphones and stages ready…
5 Non-Teaching Career Paths for MFA Grads
While some creative writing MFA graduates pursue academic teaching posts, plenty of writers also apply their talents to other rewarding career paths. Our AU MFA grads find success in a range of fields…
The team lays out fossils of H. naledi at the University of the Witwatersrand’s Evolutionary Studies Institute. The new species of human relative was discovered by a team led by National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Lee Berger of the University of the Witwatersrand deep inside a cave located outside Johannesburg, South Africa. The find was announced by the University of the Witwatersrand, the National Geographic Society and the South African National Research Foundation and published in the journal eLife. 
Photo by Robert Clark/National Geographic
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Print Your Own 3D Fossils
How the Rising Star Project Exemplifies Public Anthropology “[The] Rising Star [Project] was the first time I’ve seen open science done successfully on such a large scale.” – Becca Peixotto,…
A Day in the Life of an Audio Technology Grad Student
When choosing a grad program, people like options. Diversity is expected and flexibility is coveted. That’s because a degree isn’t just a piece of paper or box checked on a job application. When…
Presenting the 2015 Public Anthropology Conference
The 12th Annual Public Anthropology Conference (PAC 2015) will take place this weekend on October 3-4. We’re excited to learn from public anthropologists and scholar-activists from a broad range of disciplines,…
7 Great Writers You Didn’t Know Lived in DC
While the presence of the nation’s capital certainly characterizes Washington, DC, culture, there’s more to the city than that: Several great writers have made their homes here over the years. In New…
The “underground astronauts” (left to right): Becca Peixotto, Alia Gurtov, Elen Feuerriegel, Marina Elliott, K. Lindsay (Eaves) Hunter and Hannah Morris. The team of scientists excavated the chamber where H. naledi, a new species of human relative, was discovered. The find was announced by the University of the Witwatersrand, the National Geographic Society and the South African National Research Foundation and published in the journal eLife.
Photo by John Hawks

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2. Mention the find was announced by the University of the Witwatersrand, the National Geographic Society and the South African National Research Foundation and published in the journal eLife.
AU Student Part of Human Ancestor Excavation
  “By the time the interview was over, I knew that if by some miracle I got this chance, I was going to drop everything and go.” ~Becca Peixotto (far left in photo) By: Katlin Chadwick,…
Audio Mix
The Art and Science of Audio Technology
The master’s program in audio technology at American University is about art, science, and everyday life. Even the slightest nuances can be the difference between crying and laughing during a movie or…
U.S. Capitol at Dusk
Supporting Yourself While Pursuing Your MFA
Given Washington, DC’s, reputation for having a high cost of living, prospective students sometimes wonder how to make their finances work while pursuing an MFA. Through a mix of careful spending choices,…
Authorpreneurship Defined
What It Means to Be a Writer in Today’s World For writers focused on creative work, talk about the “business” of writing can feel like a distraction at best and, at worst, like a betrayal of our…
PA Blog 1 - WIDNR Image
What Is Public Anthropology
Theory, Practice, and Social Justice What the dictionary might tell you: Public anthropology builds on other fields of anthropology to serve the public good—in ways you can see. What public anthropology…
“Wellness and Health Benefits Fair, Dec. 01” by Steven Shephard is licensed under CC.
Health Promotion Managers Change the World
For many, the components are all there. Deep devotion to health and well-being. Innovative ideas for improving the system. Clear goals rooted in firm ideals. For people who pursue careers in health…