MSA Courses Rooted in Real-World Business Issues

Accounting is projected to grow 22 percent over the next decade. With rigorous core classes that underscore real-world experience, the Master of Science in Accounting program will prepare you to work in international consulting firms, major corporations, law enforcement agencies and more.

Faculty with vast industry experience will guide you in developing and honing the skills you need to prevent, detect and investigate fraud and financial irregularities in today’s complex business world.

A Curriculum Rooted in Real-World Issues

Fraudulent financial reporting and schemes. Investigative techniques and financial statement analysis. Expert testimony. The Certificate Program’s topics focus on the issues that corporations face today and the skills needed to address them.

Our course in fraud examination and litigation support (ACCT-551) provides you with the skills needed to identify and prevent financial deceptions. You will master fraud examination techniques used by today’s forensic accountants during an investigation. You’ll have the opportunity to work directly with the forensics practice at global accounting firm KPMG on an investigation simulation where you will review documents, look for evidence of fraud and present your findings to the KPMG team.

In our advanced forensic accounting and fraud investigation course (ACCT-680), you will participate in a semester-long project that simulates a real corporate fraud case. During the investigation, you’ll perform a document review, conduct mock interviews, identify red flags for fraud, summarize your findings and present your results, just as you would in a business setting.

Finally, in our financial statement analysis course (ACCT-677), you’ll use investors’ financial statement information to understand a firm’s current performance and assess its future prospects. You will use accounting information to assess equity valuation and other applications.

Forensic accounting is one of the fastest growing sectors in the accounting field and in the business world as a whole, and experience is a key to success. The Kogod MSA program combines academic rigor and real-world training to help you stand out in this exciting area.

Make your mark on the global business world. Discover how a Masters of Science in Accounting at American University can drive your career success.

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