New Tracks in the Creative Writing Program

New Tracks in the Creative Writing MFA

The Creative Writing Program is pleased to introduce a slight change: the addition of tracks of study in the MFA that will help our students clarify their goals and prepare for their post-MFA lives.


What does this mean?

The addition of tracks will clarify the options available for our students and enable them to more specifically direct their studies from the moment they enter the program.


What will the tracks look like?

Students can direct six credits toward one of the following three tracks:

  • Professional Track: Apply six credits toward one or more internship; or combine these six credits with elective credits and work toward a graduate certificate in another field, such as arts management or audio production.
  • Teaching Track: Put six credits toward the “teaching of composition” sequence, LIT-730: Teaching Composition and LIT-731: Teaching of Writing Practicum.
  • Studio Track: Take six credits of additional writing workshops and literary craft classes.


When will the tracks go into effect?

Students will be able to choose tracks starting in May 2016.


Why are we making this change?

As the creative writing MFA program continues to admit larger numbers of students with varied academic backgrounds, the expectations and expressed needs of the program’s population have changed.

With students seeking diverse outcomes from the program, distinct tracks within the existing curriculum not only make it easier for faculty advisers to guide students, but also encourage students to begin thinking about their post-MFA options earlier.

Our hope is that tracks will enable our students to design and plan the degree experience that best supports their distinctive professional and artistic aims.


How will this change distinguish the AU creative writing MFA?

While most creative writing MFA programs offer tracks related to the genre of writing a student may study, AU has always allowed students to work in multiple genres. This is one of our program’s selling points, and often enables our students to launch more diversified careers (for one example, check out our interview with poet and nonfiction writer Sandra Beasley).

By adding tracks that focus on outcomes separate from genre, AU sets itself apart in yet another way. We’re focused on helping our students with their professional development in addition to their writing, and these tracks highlight the flexible, customizable nature of the creative writing MFA at AU.


We hope that the new tracks—in addition to our existing MFA curriculum—will support you in reaching your goals. If you’re interested in learning more, please check out the MFA Creative Writing Program at American University.

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