The FSIT Lab Brings Wall Street Directly to You

One peek into the Financial Services and Information Technology (FSIT) Lab at the Kogod School of Business is all you need to get a sense that this is a nexus of learning and real-world experience. Students and faculty are busy modeling and analyzing data, conducting financial market research or participating in any number of other projects and activities. The FSIT Lab is a place where theory and practice come together in a unique, hands-on learning environment, right here on the AU campus.

Professor of Finance Octavian Ionici oversees the Lab as its Executive-in-Residence. He refers to it as a “mini Wall Street,” where students bridge theory and practice in financial services, information technology and applied research.

“The FSIT Lab provides an opportunity for students to get hands-on experience using the same technology that finance professionals encounter every day,” he said.

The Lab has three separate objectives, all united under one singular goal:to help students advance their careers. The FSIT Lab aims to:

  • Prepare students for careers in global finance and technology related areas.
  • Help them advance research and facilitate stronger ties with the corporate community.
  • Give anyone with a career interest in corporate finance, investments and accounting a competitive edge as they enter the world of finance.

The FSIT Lab Difference

16 Bloomberg terminals. 50 Thomson Reuters licenses. Access to news, market data, calculations, instant messaging, charting, and instantaneous downloading features. These are just a few of the unique features of the FSIT Lab.

What really sets the FSIT the Lab apart from others of its kind is its integration into the MS in Finance curriculum.

In the Lab, students learn how to locate, retrieve, manipulate and use technologies to solve common business problems. Classes like Financial Modeling provide an experiential learning “core” from which students encounter the pulse of Wall Street as they act as investment bankers, stock research analysts, portfolio managers, corporate finance executives and traders.

Workshops and courses that use the FSIT Lab prepare students for the Bloomberg Certification, a respected and highly valued endorsement in the financial industry. To date, 250 students have passed the Bloomberg Certification. And each semester, Professor Ionici offers 30 specialized workshops and topic-based training seminars on:

  • Fixed Income Analytics Using Bloomberg
  • Equity Analysis with Thomson Reuters
  • Bloomberg Jump Start
  • Thomson Reuters’ Portfolio Analytics
  • @Risk.

The FSIT Lab demonstrates Kogod’s commitment to preparing students for careers in global finance and technology related areas, to advancing research and establishing strong ties with the corporate community.

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  1. Clarence Pinson says:

    Do you ever have traders visit your Lab?? I am a seasoned trader, and a financial consultant,
    and would like to volunteer my time to help advance your student’s knowledge of these fields..
    Feel free to email me back, if you might be interested..


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