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The Game That Professor Mike Treanor is Playing

Gaming on the go has never been easier. With several handheld consoles to choose from, you can play while you’re traveling, including on your cellphone.

There are several different games to choosFast Fact: "Cosmic Express was the official selection of the Indie Megabooth at the 2017 Game Developers Conference"e from on your phone’s app store, from casual “Candy Crush” to cult classics like “Ghost Trick,” there’s a game for everyone. This summer, American University Professor Mike Treanor is playing “Cosmic Express,” a puzzle game where the player lays out train tracks on a small grid so that a train can pick up and deliver various color coded creatures to their appropriate places.

“‘Cosmic Express’ is a puzzle game, and it is deceptively hard,” he said. “You can sit there and stare at the same 10 by 10 grid for 30 minutes, eventually you will just come up with the right answer.”

However, that didn’t mean that getting good at the game was random. It rewards the player for their efforts.

“When you go back to earlier levels, they are incredibly easy,” he said. “So by playing this game, striving to find the solutions which are always right in front of you, you are getting good at something. The sensation of that abstract process is the aesthetic of the game, and Cosmic Express ‘feels’ good to play.”

Treanor said that the game wasn’t necessarily unique, but that it was cool to see the “Made with Unity” logo flash on the screen.

“I know a lot of indie developers used to pay a lot of money to not have that appear at the start of their games, and it is good to see that trend may be changing. Unity is a cool tool that you don’t have to pay for, and, if showing a logo keeps it that way, let there be logos!” he said.

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