7 Health, Fitness, and Nutrition Blogs You Should Follow

The rapid expansion of health-related content available on the Internet has its pros and cons. The most notable drawback is that consumers often feel overwhelmed and confused by hundreds of conflicting opinions, which can lead to poor decisions that hinder or at least stagnate health progress.

With all of the fitness and nutrition blogs out there, how do you know which ones to follow? We asked our students and faculty to recommend a few favorites. Here are seven health, fitness, and nutrition blogs you should follow:


  1. Healthy Happy Life

If the vibrant photography and inventive recipes don’t instantly draw you in, the ebullient personality of the author likely will. Vegan blogger and cookbook author Kathy Patalsky—a graduate of the Health Promotion Management Program at American University—drizzles every last drop of positivity and passion into her artfully designed concoctions.

Readers who aren’t vegan might just change their minds after spending a bit of time at Healthy Happy Life blog. Her sincere effusiveness and sunny disposition about creatively healthy fare is on point and looks so, so good.


  1. PlantifulBlog

Devin Ellsworth is another deeply passionate vegan blogger, coming from the unique perspective of a health coach. The PlantifulBlog provides valuable tips and personal stories that can help aspiring plant devotees stay the course.

Fully embracing any new diet/lifestyle can be really difficult, but’s it’s always easier with support from people who’ve walked in your shoes. Devin, who earned a master’s degree in health promotion management from American University, uses understanding, encouragement, and humor to guide people down a healthier path.


  1. Oh She Glows

For “Type A” vegans, Oh She Glows is a plant-based recipe blog that’s chock full of hearty details and tips. However, it’s much more than that. Angela Liddon, whose blog is read by more than 1 million people per month and who is releasing her second cookbook this fall, strives to inspire healthier eating for people of all backgrounds and beliefs.

“The best part about my recipes is that anyone can enjoy them, from vegans to omnivores alike,” Angela writes, adding that she hopes to inspire major changes such as losing weight, reducing meat consumption, overcoming eating disorders, and changing careers.


  1. Run to the Finish

If variety is the spice of life, the Run to the Finish blog is a full-on spice rack. Amanda Brooks uses her own story and knowledge as a foundation for sharing ideas that reinforce clean eating, fitness, and overall health and well-being.

Run to the Finish zigs and zags through an array of lifestyle topics, including nutritious recipes, workout routines, running tips, motivation, expert interviews, travel, and much more.


  1. Fannetastic Food

As a registered dietician, Anne Mauney uses her blog to share her expertise in healthy, tasty recipes—but Fannetastic Food is about much more than nutrition. Anne, who has a master’s of public health degree, is a marathoner, yogi and CrossFitter, as well as an advocate for outdoors recreation, adventure and travel.

The many photos routinely found in Anne’s posts help illustrate the diversity of daily situations in which solid choices can impact a person’s health.


  1. Minutes Per Mile

Mary from Nashville resonates with people because she talks about the stuff that people who want to stay healthy actually talk about. She shares stories about things that, for many, help make healthy living more fun and easy to embrace, such as:

  • Cool fitness-related gadgets and apparel
  • Delicious meals
  • Races
  • The mind-set of runners—with great tips for success

Mary also keeps her blog funny and honest. She always seems to share about what she’s feeling at that moment, which helps make her words more relatable and easy to integrate into one’s own life.


  1. Coffee Cake and Cardio

Coffee Cake and Cardio is much more about real life than the “perfect life.” Former powerlifter and track and field thrower Ashley talks about struggles, not just victories. She discusses what works and what fails miserably. Perhaps most importantly, she provides a viewpoint that many moms can relate and respond to.

While not fully about fitness or nutrition, Coffee Cake and Cardio consistently takes an honest, positive look at ways to improve well-being and become more self-aware.


You can keep track of news and progress in health and well-being by following American University’s Health Promotion Management Program Facebook page.

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  1. Damian Campbell says:

    Wow! Thanks for listing these seven amazing blogs! It is so useful and so relevant for us who are seeking some health advice. It is so helpful for me since I’m starting my personal program to be fit and to make my stomach flat again. It’s time for me to eat right. This coming year, my motto would be “New Year, New ways to be healthy.” Thank you again for creating this list! I feel more inspired to be healthy again. These are valuable to me. Cheers!

  2. Robert Henley says:

    Thanks for the suggestions. Of those, I personally prefer Amanda Brooks’ Run To The Finish due to cardio related content.


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