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Health Promotion Managers Change the World

For many, the components are all there. Deep devotion to health and well-being. Innovative ideas for improving the system. Clear goals rooted in firm ideals.

For people who pursue careers in health promotion management, it takes all these factors together, working in unison, to make a significant difference in the world.

Health promotion management is the convergence of it all. It’s the business, science, and art of helping individuals, communities, and society be healthier.

There are hundreds of backgrounds and experiences that lead people into health promotion management careers. They’re so different, but there’s also a common thread: passion.

Triumph Through Challenge

Passion is evident in the woman who grew up suffering from a disease that forced her to embrace a carefully constructed, health-conscious diet. Now she’s made it her mission to inform people about the relationship between diet, exercise, genetics and chronic illness. She wants to improve lifestyle behaviors for people from all socioeconomic sections of life.

From the Inside Out

It’s easy to see the passion in those who have organizational change in mind. You know the type: wellness cheerleaders who understand that entire companies can improve their employees’ lives through simple, yet powerful, options.

These are the experts who begin change within companies—often starting a decades-long commitment to employee health. The result can be dozens if not hundreds or even thousands of people with better habits and lower risk of serious problems such as heart attacks and diabetes.

Active Business Acumen

Passion drives the guy who struggled with self-confidence until late high school, when he began working out at the local gym. He knows the emotional and health benefits of staying active, and he wants to encourage others to join him. After earning a bachelor’s degree in business, he’s looking to merge his fitness acumen with his professional training.

Shifting Governmental Policies

Helping one person, family or company at a time is much needed, but some people envision and reach toward something broader. They are eager to turn their lofty ideals into prudent, efficient governmental policies and international programs. They realize it will be a long road, but they’re eager to start the journey.

These different types of future leaders are passionate about health promotion because they understand its long-term importance. In other words, they know that health affects everything from a fifth-grader’s academic performance to a Third World country’s economic stability to an elderly person’s quality of life.

Beyond passion, the reason health promotion managers are so well suited to lead the personal health responsibility revolution is that they are so well trained. They are specialists who can implement knowledge from exercise physiology and to behavioral psychology and nutrition.

For many college students, their major or area of emphasis means little more than a ticket to a diploma and a black robe. But for those who pursue a master’s degree in health promotion management, their field of study has potential to shape their lives—and many, many others—every single day.

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