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How to Land Your Dream Job in Health and Fitness

At its core, health promotion is about helping individuals and groups implement lifestyle habits that improve health and well-being. One of the best ways to affect change in the field is for talented, passionate professionals to find roles that allow them to thrive, motivate and lead.

Here are three qualities that can help you land your dream job in health and fitness, based on feedback from successful alumni of American University’s Health Promotion Management graduate program:


  1. Cultivate Your Communication Skills

“Having an open line of communication both internally and with clients has been huge for the success of the programs, campaigns and projects I’ve worked on over the years,” said Ari Klenicki, director of Screening Services at Wellness Corporate Solutions, LLC. He earned his master’s degree in HPM from AU in 2012.

Without the ability to effectively communicate, even the most impressive, potentially world-altering initiative could go unnoticed. When you have the skills to help people understand what an organization or service actually does to improve health or why that health information is important to them, employers notice.


  1. Be Able to Adapt

Do you learn from your mistakes? Are you flexible enough to adjust to the constantly changing world in which you live, work and play? How do you react when well-laid plans go awry?

Adaptability is a skill that will set you apart from those who can’t or won’t cope when unexpected circumstances arise.

“You need to be able to make real-time adjustments to projects and tasks, and understand that life happens,” Klenicki said. “I used to sour at the idea of changing a process that seemed to work, but it turns out that when you listen and open up to new ideas, often they end up working out well.”


  1. Leverage Your Foundation of Skills and Knowledge

In our HPM master’s program, every course is designed to be applicable in each of our student’s careers. In fact, we hear frequently statements like, “This program provided me with transferrable skills I can use at work every day. Examples include:

  • Researching topics that you don’t know much about — and becoming an expert
  • Developing ways to frame an issue for advocacy
  • Writing detailed papers that can affect change in communities, states and even countries

Communication, adaptability and a base of skills and knowledge are three important components of landing your dream job in health and fitness.


If you’re excited about finding a dream job in health and fitness, learn what it takes to earn a Master of Science in Health Program Management at American University.


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