Austin Estes

10 Jobs You Can Do with an MPP

Written by SPA Staff

1. Policy Analyst

Analyze proposals in various fields including education policy, health policy, social welfare policy, environmental policy, or international development policy.

2. Human Resources Director

As the head of an HR team, help create a fair and safe workplace.

3. Politician

Lead the charge for change in your community and become a politician like Muriel Bowser, an MPP grad who is the seventh mayor of the District of Columbia.

4. Development Executive

Work in the private sector and implement big-picture strategies for long-term success.

5. Program Manager

Improve the performance of a nonprofit or government agency by running effective programs.

6. Consultant

Devise solutions to promote cost efficiency and accountability as a consultant in the private or public sector.

7. Data Analyst

Pull out meaningful conclusions from seas of data like MPP grad Austin Estes (pictured above), whose data analysis helps family engagement efforts in DC schools.

8. Research Director

Guide a team of researchers at any number of public or private institutions.

9. Purchasing Manager

With the power of managing budgets, you will be in charge of buying affordable quality goods.

10. City Administrator

Help a city run smoothly by supervising budgets, expenditures and more.


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