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Five Types of SPA Grads You Meet in DC

Written by SPA Staff

The diverse SPA graduates of our six Master’s programs enter the D.C. job market with in-depth policy and administrative knowledge along with their degree from a top 20 school. With that in mind, it’s no surprise our alumni achieve success at a wide range of jobs in the city. Here are just a few of the types of grads you’ll spot during your time in the District:

Private Sector Powerhouse

These SPA grads climb the corporate ladder in the private industry through hard work and determination. Why? Their addiction to fast-paced strategy and large-scale problem solving is a perfect fit for a corporate world that rewards quick thinkers who can let loose after a long day.

The Politician’s Apprentice

Some grads look to emulate the success of Muriel Bowser, an MPP grad who is the seventh mayor of the District of Columbia. You’ll find them gathering around Capitol Hill, tirelessly working for politicians they secretly wish to replace.

The Lifelong Learner

While some students can’t wait to break free from the burdens of school, others haven’t quite scratched their educational itch. These soon-to-be professors first earned their Master’s degree from SPA, one of the highest ranked programs in the country. They will be highly competitive applicants of Ph.D. programs across the country. If it seems like their ego is getting too big, just remind them that they will soon be grading papers by the hundreds.

Data-Mining Wonk

The technical experience offered at SPA is put to work daily by these data analysis mavens. They don’t stop at extracting evidentially backed conclusions, they help shape the numbers into functional policy recommendations. You’ll find these guys hanging out on online gaming forums and dominating D.C.’s raging X-box Live community.

The Noble Do-gooder

The SPA’s focus on leadership reaches all levels of the public and private sectors, and some graduates choose to use their know-how to make the world a better place. These guys loaded up on the applicable non-profit courses offered, and with their conscience as their guide work for and create organizations that help those in need. Don’t let the tie-dye and hemp fool you, even though these guys work for nonprofits, they still mean business.


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