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Games by the Numbers

The Game Lab at American University leverages proximity to public and private sector leaders to bring games to traditionally non-game contexts for new levels of engagement. Interested in joining our community? Learn more about the MA in Game Design program at American University.

An Infographic of the Video Game industry in the United States

Games by the Numbers

In America: 155 million Americans play video games. Men and women are equally likely to report playing video games.

In the Economy: 23.5 billion dollars of total revenue by video game industry in the United States in 2015. 16.5 billion dollars of video and computer games sold in the United States in 2015.

In the Workplace: The average salary in Maryland for game professionals is $94,866. There is a 30% projected increase in employment demand for game design careers by 2018.

In Washington, DC: 23 game companies plus more than 200 non-profit organizations plus 15 federal agencies equals games with influence


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