Three Soft Skills Every Accountant Needs: Master them at American University

Managing client expectations. Successfully pitching a new idea. Meeting with team members. These are just some of the everyday accounting practices that go beyond technical know-how. “Soft skills” may not always come naturally, but they are of equal importance in the business world – arguably more.

Presenting a financial analysis or managing a client requires a high level of soft skills proficiency. Expertise in three particular soft skills areas is in high demand today:

  1. Communication
    Strong communication skills—interviewing, listening, writing, and presenting—are a critical component of any career, especially accounting. Many graduate business programs recognize this and incorporate interpersonal skills training into their coursework. The Kogod School of Business takes it one step further.The Kogod Center for Business Communications offers help with business and professional writing, public speaking, and team presentations. Get advice on written or oral assignments from trained student consultants or expert staff members.Casey Evans, Director of the Master of Science in Accounting and the Graduate Certificate in Forensic Accounting programs, sums it up: “When I was practicing, I noticed that consultants coming out of school didn’t have the writing and communication skills that are important in a business setting. If you are analyzing complicated data or conducting technical research, how you present your findings is incredibly important. Having the ability to break down complicated information and communicate it in a user-friendly way is crucial.”
  1. Leadership
    The ability to inspire and motivate are key traits of successful leaders that often are not learned in a classroom. These skills are acquired by building relationships with professionals and mentors in the field.These relationships are forged through networking, a key component of the Kogod experience. The Kogod Center for Career Development (KCCD) provides students with one-on-one guidance on relationship building, transitioning to new careers, crafting resumes and job search strategies. KCCD connects prospective employers with talented candidates to meet their business goals.Our location in the nation’s capital also offers students full access to strong regional networks. Whether you want to work locally or make your mark globally, you will connect with professional leaders and alumni mentors who can help you hone the leadership and professional skills you need for success.
  1. Real-World Problem Solving
    Solving problems is at the center of what we do at work every day. Whether we’re solving a problem for a client, playing a supporting role, or discovering new challenges, today’s business world requires confident problem solvers who possess the technical skills and real-world experience to approach and resolve challenges.At Kogod, our experiential learning opportunities and highly interactive classrooms, led by experts in the field, prepare graduates to tackle complex issues. Our Master of Science in Accounting classes blend theory with applied practical skills to prepare students for the biggest challenges in competitive markets.

Develop and advance your soft skills. Set yourself apart from the competition. Discover how Kogod’s Master of Science in Accounting (MSA) program will drive your career success.

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    Great article! Thanks for highlighting these must have skills for any accountant! Stumbled upon the article by accident, however it was interesting readings!


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